Couple shopping businesses need to optimize their websites

If you are in business and have a website, you have to maximize your web search engine ranking to be seen. That is what search engine optimization is all about, getting your site seen by your potential customers.

"When a business owner decides to bring their business to the web, generally the last thing that they think about is search engine optimization. They assume that whomever they hire to do their web design will put up a site and then submit it to the search engines and the traffic will magically pour in. Unfortunately it takes more than that to drive search engine traffic to your site, and even more unfortunately most developers don't program with SEO in mind, nor do they educate the client about the process involved in gaining traffic from search engines."

Reprint from an article on Search Engine Optimization


You want to be on Page #1 of the Search Engines?

You need to make sure your site is optimized properly!

The reprint above is proven every day as I analyze business websites. The designers create beautiful sites with colorful images, animation and exotic fonts. All of these elements are great and necessary for the website visitor. However, 'what's behind the curtain' is equally important. The page titles, descriptions, and keyword phrases/keywords that are used by the search engines to index and rank a webpage. i.e. 'The invisible code'.

Search engine 'spiders' look for the relevance of the page title, description and keyword phrases/keywords to the content of your text on the page. Everyday I see sites that have nonrelative titles, no descriptions and no keywords. A large number of sites have the same keywords that have been copied to every page on the site and no matching content on the page at all. These pages may be indexed by the search engine, but ranked so low they may never be seen by another user besides the owner and the designers.

At Website-SEO-Analysis, we work to make sure our clients websites are ready to be indexed and ranked as high as possible by optimizing for each of the major search engines specific algorithims. We specialize in small and medium size businesses and make Search Engine Optimization affordable so your website is as competitive in the rankings as the big guy next door.

We want you to know how you measure up currently by sending you a free search engine ranking report and a brief report on changes to maximize your internet exposure. We will show you,'What's behind the curtain'. Check it out, it's free!

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