If you are in business and have a website, you have to maximize your web search engine ranking to be seen. That is what search engine optimization is all about, getting your site seen by your potential customers.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO makes your website search engine compatible. Our strategies fully adhere to the search engine guidelines. (We do not use the tricks and shortcuts that can get your website and domain name permanently blacklisted by the search engines.)

Optimize your business website so that you are easily found on the search engines under three specific areas: business name, and services + local geographic location.

Costs: We work with each client individually to customize an affordable optimization program for their specific needs.Don't pay more than the services are worth. Some SEO companies charge as much as a $1000 per page with annual renewals equal to that, (we can send you the links to prove it), they say they offer more services or have the inside info to get you ranked higher. Remember the Latin phrase, "Caveat emptor-Let the buyer beware!" All the sites we have worked with have attained page one rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, AOL and many others for under $1000 for the entire site. Most did under $700.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Includes:

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